Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekly Bio Journal #2 Feb. 12

This week on Bio Life, our intrepid hero Gridley braved blizzards and dreaded Mass drivers to receive his daily dose of Biology. He began the week by completing a Pogil on the translation of RNA into proteins. Because of how extensive the Vodcast was on this subject and because of my complete note taking this Pogil was fairly easy as I felt I had a firm grasp on the concept. As a result I feel I understand the Central Dogma. We next completed a packet on the impact of mutations that centered around the Myostatin Belgian Blue, a breed of cattle that due to a mutation in their genome have an inhibited production of the muscle inhibitor protein Myostatin. Animals with this mutation have double muscle growth and in the packet we analyzed several locations in the gene where a mutation occurred. Similarly we explored another packet on the mutation in pigment production of Rock Pocket Mice. Here we explored the affects of silent mutations, versus missense mutations, versus nonsense mutations.
Over the period of several classes we created and described the steps of transcription and translation using play-doh. Me and my partner used a genome sequence generator to select a DNA sequence 30 nucleotides long and using different colored play-doh, represented each nucleotide. We then made a 3-D model of the process of transcription and translation with the play-doh. At first we struggled to come up with an idea of how to represent the information using play-doh but once we got the ball rolling we set off like a spontaneous reaction.
At home I completed the three part 4.3 Vodcast on Biotechnology. This lesson was a little harder to digest than 4.2. I would like to know more about plasmids and how they work and exactly what they are. From what I gather they act as templates for altering genes or for producing clones. This lesson is very new because so much of this technology is so new and is in the very frontier of our biotechnology so I can understand if all the concepts are slightly slow to digest. I expect I will make sense of most of it come disco time next week.

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