Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Bio Journal #4 Mar. 12

This week we covered three new Vodcasts that centered around the Cell cycle. The weeks activities revolved around the information in those Vodcasts. Monday we filled out a POGIL on the cell cycle. Tuesday I was not in class because I had a Nordic State Meet race to attend. Wednesday we discoed the new Vodcast on the cells regulatory mechanics and worked on a corresponding POGIL. Thursday we hopped on the computers and completed an online HHMI informational program on the cell cycle and how it relates to cancer. Friday we had a shortened class due to the pep rally and spent class going over the information from the HHMI activity.
The information on the cell cycle came easy to me, I understand the order of events from G1, to S, to G2, to M. I completely understand the concepts of the checkpoints and the duties of each phase. I also can identify the order of phases in mitosis and identify them through a microscope. This week I learned what cancer really is and how it develops. The only road bump of the week is remembering the exact steps that the chromosomes go through in Meiosis. Its more complicated than mitosis as there are a couple more steps that ensure greater variation, but the terms like diploid and haploid when counting chromosomes and chromosome pairs gets a little confusing for me. I'll just have to review those sections and look over diagrams and illustrations to help me remember.

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