Sunday, May 21, 2017

Genius Hour Week 2

This week on Genius hour, Gridley heads back to the drawing board. After some deliberation, I realized there was a very real possibility that the different variables I would be testing to observe physical changes in the Tobacco plants, would simply result in killing them or have no measurable response. Rather than risk explaining a lot of inconclusive data, another idea for a project struck me. Knowing that plants are phototropic and will track movement of light, I want to find out if plants will track different wavelengths to varying degrees. I plan to use chives as my experimental plant as they will be very distinct pointers and will be easy to collect observable data from. I know from class that green is the least useful part of the light spectrum and that plants instead prefer to absorb blues or reds. so I expect that the chives exposed to green light will display the least amount of bending towards the light, in comparison to the other wavelengths. Even if there is no measurable difference between the severity in the chive's tracking of the separate lights, that alone would tell me that plants still track all colors equally when it is the only light source available. Hence no matter the outcome, a solid conclusion can be drawn.

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