Friday, May 26, 2017

Genius Hour Week 3

This week marked the beginning of data collection. After solidifying a plan I started the week by gathering materials. India just happened to have the right material to act as a color filter over the light bulbs, thin plastic folder dividers in green, blue, and orange. I decided where to put the lamps in the room so the lights of one would not interfere with the results of the other plants. I then replaced all the heat lamp bulbs with regular bulbs and tested each one to make sure they functioned. After that I stopped by Paris Farmers Union after school and purchased the subject plants (which turned out to be young onions and not chives). I taped up the plastic dividers so they dangled about an inch from the lamp and placed each pair of onion plants approximately 9 inches from the lamp. I took pictures from side angles and a birds eye view of the positioning of each plant before turning on the lamps. On Friday morning they had been running for 24 hours and I took pictures again to document progress. Now they will be left until school on Tuesday.

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